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Managed Properties
Planned Community, Realtor, Apartment &
Homeowners' Association Projects
 We enjoy working with property managers, board members, HOA, CDD officers to meet the needs within their communities.
Here is a partial list of the needs we have met since 2004:
  • Multiple building exterior cleaning – apartments, town homes, condos
  • Multiple building roof cleaning – apartments, town homes
  • Multi-unit driveway cleaning, town home, villa communities
  • Street gutter, street center island cleaning
  • Multiple mailbox cleaning
  • Multi-building/structure, driveway/sidewalk sprinkler rust removal
  • New plant watering
  • Common area sidewalk cleaning
  • Property entrance wall cleaning – stucco, brick, foam
  • Property entrance fence cleaning – PVC, wood
  • Graffiti removal (see photos under ‘Commercial’)
  • Paint spill clean-up
  • Scheduled pool bathroom cleaning for town home complexes
  • Dumpster area trash policing, removal
  • Scheduled litter pick-up throughout communities
  • Trash receptacle emptying from community parks, playground, common areas
  • Playground equipment cleaning
  • Satellite dish removal
Common area sidewalks, fences, street gutters, etc. where there is no water supply is no problem. We carry our own water!! We are also able to go where many in our business are not able to thanks to a smaller 4-wheel drive truck, and a narrow, compact pressure washing set-up. Hard-to reach areas are not a problem for  us.
We offer special discounts to customers referred by their Homeowners’ Association, and for HOA’s/property managers, Realtors looking to clean up foreclosed/vacant homes in their communities.
An extensive list of communities we’ve worked with is available upon request. Please call for details.
                       BEFORE                                                                                                               AFTER
multi unit after sm
multi unit before sm                                                                                           
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