Quality Cleaning & Painting U.S.A,Inc. - Because "QUALITY" Matters!
1.  Are you licensed and insured? 
YESPressure washing without a license or insurance is gross negligence and ultimately hurts the customer you are serving.  Unfortunately, there are numerous pressure washers that choose to put you in jeopardy.  Quality Pressure Cleaning, Inc. chooses to protect ourselves and our customers.
2.  Are your chemicals safe? 
YESWe choose to purchase high end low pressure washing cleansers that are formulated to provide the highest level of cleaning power, yet are 100% safe...they won't harm children, plants, or animals when used properly.  They will leave vinyl siding, brick, hardiplank, stone and concrete looking brand new!
3.  Will your pressure washing break any windows or strip any paint? 
NOWe never use high pressure to clean homes.  Our advanced low pressure house wash solution does most of the work and will not harm your windows, siding, or paint.
4.  Can you remove those stubborn black streaks on your gutters? 
YESThe black streaks on your gutters come from the asphalt contained in your roof shingles.  We use a special detergent and will actually hand scrub your gutters to remove the stains! We leave gutters sparkling!
5.  Is there anything that makes your company different from others? 
YESWe are pressure washing Miami and surrounding cities by giving FREEwritten estimates! Weoffer exterior gutter cleaning FREE with every roof wash!    
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